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Customised & purpose built business software

Sell more, do more, build more
Customised & purpose built

We listen to your customer journey & processes and build the platform around you

Built to scale

We build with the future in mind, making a platform that will grow with you over the next 5, 10+ years

Personal approach

We're fully independent & agile, we'll hold your hand through your journey with us

Who are we

Why work with us

Drowning in spreadsheets?

You're not alone, when most entrepreneurs start out they will use spreadsheets to manage sales & jobs, however this doesn't scale . With a system yoiu can share updates with your team to keep everyone on the same page and spend less time on admin

Existing systems not fit for purpose

Rushed into the wrong system or mis sold a platform? We can review & take over your existing infrastructure

How it works
Quirk Design & Build

"For the first time ever I can now manage our business efficiently. We cannot thank them enough!"

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Request demo

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0203 007 7760

12 Oak Industrial Park, 

Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1XN

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