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Canary Wharf London

Guidance for growth & decision making in the digital landscape


A human & hands-on approach

Solutions for internal systems & processes for corporates

-Available for on site consulting within Essex and London

-Billed hourly to build and own your internal software

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Information Management Systemisation

We build systems & processes to simplify and save time on data entry & sales delivery

Business Process Documentation

We review the internal processes for how data is processed to decrease human error & duplication and increase productivity

Project management

Create clear & concise plans of how we're going to get you from A to B, with detailed with SoWs (schedule of works) and project roadmaps

Digital transformation

Once we've reviewed your needs & planned how to achieve your goals we'll use our industry knowledge & contacts to connect the dots

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12 Oak Industrial Park, Chelmsford Road,

Dunmow, Essex
Cm6 1XN


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